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Mylab - free online lab management

Manage lab inventories, schedule shared resources, share lab protocols - all in one place.

2,500+ registered users, 1,000+ labs, 30,000+ inventories, 1,000+ shared resources, since debut in late 2020.

Lab member

  • Register up to 10 labs per person.
  • Manage up to 300 members per lab
  • Set member permissions suitable for each lab.
  • Set up access control to limit access from specific IP networks or addresses

Lab protocol

  • Add up to 200 lab protocols shared by all members within a lab
  • Maintain up to 200 personal protocols for yourself
  • Share your personal protocols with your colleagues, or labs you are associated with

Lab inventory

  • Register up to 3,000 inventory items per lab
  • Classify items with up to 100 custom categories, each with attributes tailored specifically to your needs
  • Set up low inventory alerts
  • Create requests to order items, set up email to receive alerts when a request is created.
  • Flexible inventory search
  • Inventory can be uploaded from a spreadsheet, or exported to a spreadsheet.

Shared equipments/resources

  • Schedule shared equipments/resources within a lab
  • Grant access to guest users from other labs
  • Register up to 100 shared equipments/resources per lab
  • Usage report, calculate fees if applicable
  • Each lab member can schedule reservations on mobile devices
  • Sync shared resource reservation to your Google Calendar(optional)

Mobile friendly

Create a browser link on your mobile phone home screen and use Mylab conveniently like a native app!