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Upload your inventory to Mylab

If you have the data of a large number of inventories (> 300 items) already saved in a spreadsheet, we can upload the inventory for you. Please contact us to find our how to send the spreadsheet to us.

Format of your spreadsheet

  • Your spreadsheet can be a CSV file, or an Excel file.
  • If your inventories have different categories, the inventories of each category should be included in a separate data sheet, with the category name as the name of each sheet.

Maximum length of attributes

The following are the maximum number of characters allowed for inventory attributes:

Attribute Maximum characters allowed
Item name 500
Notes/Description 3000
Location 300
Supplier name 100
Source Url 2000
Unit 30
Quantity 10
Category name 100
Name of any custom attribute 60, such as host, CAS#, etc.
Value of a custom attribute 255