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Product listing service

If you are a biomedical supplier or distributor, you can have your products listed on our website free of charge.

A growing number of suppliers have registered this service. You can view suppliers with products listed on

Benefits of listing your products on include:

  • Our website users will be able to find your products on relevant searches.
  • When your products are listed, our user can click the 'Ask' button to ask a question about your product, the question is emailed directly to you.
  • On our product detail page, there is a link to the same product on your own website. This facilitates the discovery your website.

How to generate and submit your product datasheet

Data format

The product datasheet you send to us can be in two different formats:

1. Use your own product datasheet

This is the preferred method, since different categories of products can have very specific set of attributes.

Please refer to "Data columns" below to make sure essential product attributes such as name, catalog number are included. The respective columns in your own datasheet do not need to have the same exact name or order, we will do appropriate mapping when we process your data. You can have custom columns for attributes specific to your products, such as 'CAS Number' for chemicals, 'host' for antibodies, etc.

If you have products that belongs to different categories each with specific attributes, in the excel spread sheet you can have multiple tabs, each tab for a separate category.

2. Use our standard product datasheet

If you do not have an existing product datasheet, please use our standard product spreadsheet to enter your products. To understand the meaning of each column, please refer to "Data columns" below. You can add extra columns for attributes that are important to your products. For example you can add column 'CAS number' for chemicals, 'host' for antibodies, etc.

* Please do not include discontinued products in the spreadsheet. All products that are in your previous datasheet, but are absent in your latest spreadsheet will be removed from our database.

Best way to generate your product datasheet

If you have a large number of products, and you do not have a product datasheet already made, your webmaster or database administrator should be able to dump your products into a CSV file in either of the two formats described above. Then you can open the CSV file in Excel and save it as an excel spreadsheet.

Where to submit

Please contact us to find the best way to send your product datasheet to us.

Data columns

In each column, if the data is separated by new lines, then it will be displayed on our website as a list. If you have trouble in inserting new line into the spreadsheet cells, you can separate the data with '||' to indicate that the data should be displayed as a list.

Do not include HTML tags in your data, HTML tags will be escaped and displayed as raw HTML on our website.

Catalog Number - required

The catalog number of a product. If your catalog numbers are not unique, an SKU# is required.

SKU # - required if your catalog number is not unique

SKU number of the product, must be unique for each product. SKU # is optional if you have unique catalog numbers, otherwise it is required.

Product name - required

The name of the product. Make sure that the name is fully descriptive of the product. If the product has aliases that should be checked in searches, please provide an extra 'aliases' column.

Description - optional, recommended

Description of the product. This will be displayed in the product detail page on our website.

Packaging - required

Packaging of the product. For example "200units/case, 1 case"

Listing price - optional

Listing price of your product. If there are multiple prices for different packages, you can have multiple pairs of packaging-listing price columns. You may also add separate columns for pricing in a different currency. Texts such as 'Inquiry', 'Free sample' are also allowed.

Currency, Currency symbol - optional

If not specified, the listing price is assumed to be in US Dollar.

Item Url - optional, strongly recommended

Url of the product on your own website. When this link is provided, users on can easily navigate to the respective product on your own website.

Image Url(s) - optional, recommended

A URL that points to an image of the product. We will download a copy of the image, and resize it to a thumbnail with a width of 100 pixel and store it on our webserver. You can provide multiple image urls, with each url on a seperate line. The first one will be used as the main image shown in search results.