Search biomedical supplies ranked by citation


For biomedical researchers:

What are the sources of the citations?

We collect product citations exclusively from bioRxiv. bioRxiv is an increasing popular pre-print archive for biomedical research.

What determines the display order of the matched suppliers for a product search?

The display order of the matched suppliers are determined by two factors:

  1. How well the citations from a supplier match your query.
  2. The number of citations found for a supplier that matches your query.

By balancing these two factors, we give high display ranking to suppliers most relevant to your search.

For lab product suppliers & distributors:

How do I use Labshake's product citation service?

Please refer to product citation service on how to display your product citations on your web pages, free of charge.

View the demo page to see how it works.

Are the citations loaded by the product citation service indexable by searching engines?

Our product citation service loads citations dynamically using Javascript without any user interaction. Some search engines such as Google are able to index page contents loaded by Javascript, if human interaction (such as mouse clicking or scrolling) is not required to trigger the loading.

Since rich and updated web page content is one of the factors used by search engines to rank pages, using our product citation service will boost your page ranking on searching engines like Google that index javascript loaded contents.

How often are the citations updated?

We fetch the latest citations from bioRxiv once a month. When you use our product citation service, the citations displayed on your website are automatically updated when we send new data to our web servers.